Why choose Merrion Fleet Management?

At Merrion Fleet Management we believe in delivering a service that will result in tangible savings and efficiencies for our clients. We do this by ensuring impeccable customer service, recruiting and retaining highly talented staff who are committed to the vision of Merrion Fleet Management, and through constant innovation in the way we do business. In short, we believe in being the best!

And what is our measure of success? We have the highest level of customer retention in the industry. We are proud to be Irish-owned and owner-managed. Our independent status gives us the flexibility to respond pro-actively to changes in the sector and in the needs of our clients. It also allows us to be unique and unbiased in our product and service offerings.

How can we benefit your company?

Whether your fleet is large or small Merrion Fleet Management provides a complete outsourced fleet management solution tailored to your needs. We can advise you on every aspect of your fleet - from acquisition to risk management - in a cost effective, efficient and timely manner, relying on the expertise of our staff and a state-of-the-art fleet management system. We manage all types of fleets including cars, vans and specialist vehicles.

Fleet Management

Merrion Fleet Management offers a complete outsourced vehicle management service to our clients. By outsourcing the management of your fleet, we guarantee that you will substantially reduce the time spent by your staff on motoring issues, enabling you to concentrate your resources on your company’s core activities.

Overall our Clients Benefit from:

  • A Reduction in Administration and Paperwork
  • A Reduction in Expenditure
  • Maximum Fleet Productivity


Merrion Fleet Management, due to its scale, avails of bulk discounts from its suppliers which we pass on to our customers. These discounts cover items such as servicing, parts, labour, tyres and windscreens.

Driver Support:

All drivers have access to a dedicated, technically trained driver services team who arrange all maintenance and repairs. Outside office hours, breakdown assistance is provided by the AA ensuring that support is available at all times. In most cases, Merrion Fleet Management can provide a free collection and delivery service, as well as on-site repairs and estimates where required. Our goal is to minimise client costs and driver down-time.

Authorisation & Control:

Our fleet management system contains comprehensive technical information for every vehicle available in the Irish market. This enables us to identify what work is required and how much it will cost. Costs are further controlled as all work must be authorised by our Driver Services team before it is carried out and order numbers issued, ensuring the client has total control of costs at all times.

Accident Management:

Merrion Fleet Management provides a comprehensive accident management service. Accidents are managed from the date of the incident to completion. Merrion Fleet Management co-ordinates the entire process while keeping the client informed and in control of all costs.

Management of Risk:

The Safety, Health and Welfare at Work Act 2005 clearly defines the responsibility of the employer to provide a safe environment for their employees while driving on company business. Merrion Fleet Management is pro-active in this critical area and assists our clients with the following:

  • Developing a comprehensive company car policy
  • Appropriate driver training
  • Driver Briefing Sessions
  • Regular fleet Checks; inspecting tyres, body work, lights and levels

Key Account Management and Reporting:

Merrion Fleet Management’s Client Relations team is responsible for servicing the needs of our clients. Each client is allocated a dedicated Client Relationship Manager who acts as the first point of contact. The Client Relationship Manager will arrange regular reviews, assess management reports and advise on best fleet policy.

Fleet acquisition and funding

As part of our fleet management service, we can offer our expertise and assistance to clients in sourcing new vehicles. Due to economies of scale and our relationships with suppliers, we can deliver savings to our clients in the form of vehicle discounts and competitive funding. There are three main methods of acquiring fleet vehicles:

1. Contract Hire:

A fixed term, in both years and mileage, is agreed with the client. The cost to the client is based on the difference between the costs of the vehicle (After discount) and the residual value. The client does not own the vehicle and returns it at the end of the fixed term. The benefits are:

  • The asset is off balance sheet
  • There is no residual risk at the end of the term
  • Fixed costs allow for accurate budgeting

Vehicles on contract hire can be maintained on a recharge system (“pay as you go”) or through a comprehensive maintenance package which includes:

  • Road tax
  • Servicing as per manufacturer specifications or at least once a year
  • Any other vehicle maintenance required outside of routine service work
  • Courtesy vehicle for the duration of all work
  • 24 hour roadside assistance
  • Unlimited tyres based on fair wear and tear
  • Fleet management services (including accident management and fuel card management)

Any maintenance, repairs or tyre charges relating to accidental damage, driver abuse or neglect are recharged outside of the maintenance agreement.

2. Finance Lease:

A company finances the discounted cost of the vehicle over a fixed period. The company owns the vehicle at the end of the period.

3. Straight Purchase:

This is the traditional route where a company simply pays outright for the vehicle.

Whole Life Cost Analysis:

Merrion Fleet Management can offer invaluable advice on vehicle selection based on our expert analysis of the whole life cost of vehicles. This whole life cost analysis is based on a fixed term in years and mileage and takes into account the overall running costs and depreciation of the vehicle. This provides the client with the data required to make an informed decision on which vehicles to select.